Amevista guarantees full traceability of the purchase of all products and certifies their exclusive origin directly from official suppliers.

All products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for 24 months from the date of purchase. No warranty is provided for damage resulting from improper use of the product, including wear and tear due to use. The warranty covers all manufacturing defects, but does not cover breakages resulting from misuse or poor maintenance or accidental damage by the consumer. Scratches on the lenses are considered normal wear and tear and are not covered by the warranty unless it is proven that the product had such defects upon delivery. It should be noted that Amevista is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage to persons or property resulting from the malfunction of the products.

What the warranty covers:

- Missing components

- Delamination of the lens coating of sunglasses

- Bubbles or defects in the lens coating

- Peeling or damage to the frame

- Welding defects

What the warranty does not cover:

- Normal signs of wear (scratches)

- Damage caused by accident, negligence, shock, improper use or incorrect storage and/or maintenance of the product

- Chemical damage

- Unauthorized modifications or repairs

- Rod misalignment

What to do if you find a lack of conformity?

In the event that the Consumer notices a lack of conformity, he must contact Amevista (as seller) via the contact form on the site.


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